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A rich ecosystem teeming with resources for founders and GTM leaders passionate about relationship-led growth.
For individuals


For individuals that want to leverage relationships and operationalize introductions to crush goals.

  • Chrome Extension
  • Contact data enrichment
  • Unlimited intros
  • Intro management and reminders
  • Templates
  • AI Writing Assistant
  • Recent and preferred connectors
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For teams


For teams that need to scale relationship-led growth, visualize ROI, manage members, and collaborate.

Everything in Business plus:
  • Team management
  • Analytics
  • Onboarding
  • Priority support
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Paid partnership

Premium Connector

Instantly get access to networks and introductions that would otherwise take years to cultivate.

Everything in Enterprise plus:
  • Matched with Premium Connector
  • Private Slack channel
  • 9 intros per quarter, per connector
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for individuals
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for teams
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paid partnership
Get a demo
Chrome extension
Contact data enrichment
Unlimited intros
Intro management
Templated messages
AI Writing Assistant
Recent and preferred connectors
Team management
Personal onboarding
Priority support
Premium connector matchmaking
Private Slack channel
9 intros per quarter, per premium connector

Frequently asked questions

What is the first step to working with a premium connector?

Professionals seeking tailored company introductions connect with us to arrange a personalized consultation call, where we explore their unique networking objectives and preferences, enabling us to curate ideal matches with our premium connectors who possess relevant connections in their desired companies.

How much does it cost to work with a Premium Connector?

Customers of the platform are subject to a fixed platform fee, the rate of which can vary based on the desired access level or subscription tier. If you partner with a Premium Connector, there's an additional monthly cost. Furthermore, while Premium Connectors will offer two monthly meetings as part of the standard package, any meetings beyond this number come with an extra charge. This pricing structure allows flexibility and an incentivize structure. Schedule a demo and our sales team will provide pricing customized to your needs.

Can I work with multiple premium connectors?

When exploring the option of partnerships on the platform, you can collaborate with more than one Premium connector. Each Premium Connector comes with different pricing based on two main factors: the network strength and seniority of relationships offered.  The advantage of forming partnerships with multiple Premium Connectors is that it also empowers you to tap into various market segments and verticals simultaneously.

How can you guarantee success with Premium Connectors?

Hifive, in collaboration with our Premium Connectors, offers a platform to drive relationship-led growth. This includes introductions, setting meetings, and sending out influential nudge emails to steer the outcome of deals. However, our involvement has its boundaries. Once an introduction or meeting has been initiated, the outcome depends on the efforts, skills, and strategies you and your team employ.

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