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The challenge

For many startup founders, securing investments can be one of the most critical yet challenging milestones. Platforms like LinkedIn are filled with potential investors, but cold outreach often leads to generic responses, or worse, being overlooked entirely. Breaking through the noise and genuinely capturing the interest of the right investors is crucial for a startup's growth and success.

The Hifive solution

The HiFive Chrome Browser Extension emerges as a crucial ally for founders looking to raise capital on LinkedIn. Instead of the scattergun approach of reaching out to every potential investor, HiFive enables founders to utilize introductions from their existing network, ensuring a warmer and more targeted connection. With HiFive, founders can:

  1. Gain introductions to reputable investors who align with their vision and startup's needs.
  2. Benefit from the validation and trust that a mutual introduction brings.
  3. Enhance their pitch's efficacy by connecting with investors already inclined to listen due to the warm introduction.

The Outcome

Within the first 3 months of using Hifive...


increased engagement from investors


quicker fundraising rounds


higher average investment

As a founder raising a seed round, the only path to reach investors is through introductions. The Hifive platform opened up countless introductions.

Kwame Boler
Co-Founder & CEO at Spritz
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Within the first 3 months of using Hifive...

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